Saturday, July 2, 2011


First off, allow me share some thoughts about my country. Although, I am not associated with a particular religion, this country was founded by a group of men who had a profound belief in their creator. They believed in divine providence. They believed in “American Exceptionalism.”  Call it whatever you want, this country is unique among all the other nations in the world. We are blessed to be framed  on either side by water, (in my opinion is the future of the world economy) which will become much more important than oil ever was.

For those who wonder why the world seems to hate America and Americans, here is the reason. Simply because we hold so much power. We have not only a powerful government, but we are a strong people. These countries have lost, indeed given up, their powers. More often, they have allowed groups and factions to remove it from them. They have redistributed wealth and financed one after another “Government Program” until they have simply bankrupted. The European Union is a perfect example of how these type of programs suck the life out of an economy.

Our founding fathers pledged “our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor “ as they signed the Declaration of Independence  that instantly made them traitors to the King of England. Many suffered greatly to break away from the tyranny they endured. How many ordinary Americans would pledge the same?

Here at home, liberals laugh at those who favor a limited government. While celebrities with way too much money hold awards and fundraisers for global warming, saving whales and other “problems” all the while wearing $300,000.00 ball gowns as their entourage rides around in gas guzzling limos, as they all condemn us for the type of light bulb we use. They allow themselves to become enslaved to their vision, either through acceptance of monies or beliefs. They depend on our “guilt” to make us ashamed of not only our heritage, but our country.

It all boils down to--America=bad.

I still believe in AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL. I believe this country can be a great world power again. If we can unite and pull together, we will not fall and fail.

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