Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother Nature has a bad couple of days.....

Well Mother Nature really did a number on ole Alabama. We had no real damage to the homestead, just a few broken limbs--from trees. We did have to go without power for 4 long (very long) days.
Being the “cheap-o-nista” that I am on the second day with no power, I was required to cook all the food worth saving.

I made lima beans with leftover Easter ham, "baked" all the pieces of chicken and turkey cutlets on the gas grill. My most ambitious project was a wonderful fish stew made out of bits and bobs of fish and veggies. It also used up the milk that would soon spoil.

Fortunately, we have gas appliances which made washing up  a bit of a hassle, but possible. I heated water in my large stock pots on the stove and used that for doing dishes and also filled the guest tub for a very welcome bath.

We did do some recon on the second day. We went to Rome, Georgia which is about 20 minutes away. They were hit quite hard, due to the amount of very old trees which downed a lot of power lines. It nearly made me cry to see trees that had stood during Sherman’s march to the sea, destroyed. The mall in Rome was also closed. Our favorite restaurant had one of its awnings ripped from the front of the building and strewn into the parking lot.

My husband, an avid reader, had purchased “The Grass is Greener Over the Septic Tank” days before the outage from a local thrift store. As we sat each night in the darkness, he donned a “headlamp” and read from the book. We dearly needed some comic relief. I love him.

Our power was restored shortly after 10 pm on the 4th day. I was asleep when it happened. When my alarm clock beeped, I jumped up and ran around like a child on Christmas morning.

We were very blessed to have little damage. I thank God, the universe and the fairies who live under my deck.

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